Dataset examples

We have divided our dataset examples into Analyzer and Viewer.

Giotto Analyzer

Check out one of these following tutorials
Example 1. osmFISH SS cortex
Example 2. slideSeq cell type enrichment
Example 3. slideSeq clustering, spatial domain
Example 4. cyCIF PDAC tumors
Example 5. seqFISH+ SS cortex
Example 6. merFISH hypothalamus
Example 7. STARmap V1 cortex
Example 8. Visium brain
Example 9. Visium kidney
Example 10. CODEX spleen

Giotto Viewer

These are interactive web demo pages and some usage videos we recorded of Viewer.
Example 1. web demo mouse cortex (seqFISH+)
Example 2. web demo mouse olfactory bulb (seqFISH+)
Example 3. recorded video demo 10X Visium
Example 4. recorded video demo Transcript visualization